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The LaBou Co Story


I was in Paris celebrating my birthday when I met a lovely woman who invited me to New Orleans to join her in the Mardi Gras parade, something I had dreamed of! Upon my return home, I discovered that I had cancer, one of my kidneys had to be removed. I reached out to my new friend to cancel my trip to Mardi Gras.

What did that wonderful woman and her friends do, but send Mardi Gras to me! Glorious beads and beautiful treasures. I wanted to repay them somehow so I made them a decorative crawfish from the beads. That started everything!​

It's a mindful process making these pieces as I think of the people I am making them for, with intention and love throughout to completion. Each piece has an individual, unique feature to it, such as a hidden heart, initial or fleur. ​

And in the making of the pieces, one bead at a time, I healed from cancer.

The End...and The Beginning.

Meet The Artist

Now with all the wonderful friends I have made through Mardi Gras, half of my heart is in Louisiana and the other is in my home state Washington, the pacific northwest. I was born and raised here among the gorgeous mountains and trees. I feel incredibly lucky to be in such a beautiful state, but it does not stop me from making my way down to Mardi Gras celebrations every year!


Mardi Gras is about giving. I learned by example how to care for others in a way I had never experienced before.  It is a time when everyone can come together and get along, and it is the purest form of community. When I am creating, I focus on the joy that my customers will feel and develop ways to customize the sign as much as possible. I completely let go of everything outside of the art in front of me. It is how I accomplish flow and work on my mindfulness. It is my true love! 

I am just trying to love life, like everyone else. My customers don’t just buy what I have in stock, it is a collaboration. My clients and I chose a design together, and together we create something uniquely their own. This process could not happen without my vendors and suppliers for my backings, Mardi Gras beads, paint, and twinkle lights to help create inspired pieces. 


Thank you for being a customer and learning more about me, my products, and my love for creating your signs!

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